Introducing Issue #1!

Hello readers and writers and artists! We, the editors of Parhelion, are beyond proud to share our first issue with you.

When you start a literary magazine, it’s all very exciting but you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. Will anyone submit? Will you end up having to write everything yourself and use a faux pen name? That was not the case here, and we are thankful to everyone who submitted to PLM and to the writers and artists featured here today. The support and outreach has been nothing short of phenomenal.

You might notice we have a lot of Virginia writers featured in this issue. It’s true, we are in Virginia and we do have a soft spot for Virginians (Virginia is for lovers). But we also have writers and artists spanning the globe from California, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New York, Canada, and even India. The reach of social media never ceases to amaze me. Again, thank you to everyone for sharing PLM.

My main goal for this online magazine was for it to be fun and readable. To share work by talented writers that was fresh, engaging, and thought-provoking. I wanted it to be accessible. I feel often “literary” magazines can be stuffy, or pretentious. That’s not the case here. “Literary” at PLM simply means outstanding writing. True story telling, brought to life through technique so flawless you don’t notice it. Our writers are new writers, published writers, award winners, old pros. The same goes for our artists.

You’re going to find magic in this first issue of Parhelion. You’ll find the city and the suburbs and the country, the front porches and fields of North Carolina, you’ll find friendship and betrayal, marriage and divorce, a doghouse mansion, a triple dog dare. You’ll find the heart and heartache that lives in every family, wildflowers on a ranch. You’ll find yourself enchanted by geometry in the suburbs and the hidden magic of nature. You’ll find Ireland and Boston and a goat and a murder. You won’t find Svetlana, however.

What you’ll find here is a literary and artistic adventure from extraordinary individuals who all harbor a little bit of magic in their souls.

Cheers to the PLM editors and congratulations to our writers and artists!

Elizabeth Varel
Editor in Chief

Fiction Editor of Parhelion Literary Magazine. Obsessed with reading. Domestically challenged.

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