Go Caps!

Oh wait, this is a literary magazine, not a sports page! We’re just a little excited here about the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup, since DC is just up the road from RVA and this is their first championship win ever. I watched the game while working on Parhelion because I enjoy multi-tasking almost as much a Gen Z does. Anyway, now is the time where we editor folk start prepping and formatting and whatnot, which means there’s a lot to do.

In short, we’re working hard behind the scenes right now to bring you great new work. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to reread all your favorites from the April issue in our archives.

Issue #2 will publish July 9. [Update: our second issue will post July 16.] We’ll update you through Facebook and Twitter and of course, here. Stay tuned…

Elizabeth Varel
Editor in Chief

Fiction Editor of Parhelion Literary Magazine. Obsessed with reading. Domestically challenged.

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