Issue #3 is live & other news

Hello from rainy, dreary Richmond, Virginia, where I hope it will not rain all winter. I’m sure you already know this but issue 3 is out there for your viewing pleasure. A big thanks to everyone involved in getting it ready to publish, from our contributors to our editors and proofreaders.

I’m keeping an eye on our analytics and the number of visitors we have is growing by leaps and bounds. Of course, we are not online to be popular, but it’s nice to know our audience is growing. That means more and more people are seeing our contributor’s work.

Some news….

Please follow us on Instragram. Leeta has taken over and is posting regularly. You’ll see the contributors from our issue featured there as well as everything else she posts! She’s a bit IG-obsessed so you can expect a lot more from our feed as time goes on.


We’re on target to publish in early January. We’ve updated our submissions guidelines so please check them out, especially the art guidelines. We are moving toward photography and away from other formats. For fiction/flash/nonfiction we are suffering from death fatigue, so the less death you can send us, the better. We are not against stories that revolve around death (heck we publish them), we’d just like to see something else in the queue. So far, so good, so thank you for reading our guidelines.

Other content

We’re slowly working toward providing other content like interviews and articles but this hasn’t been easy to pull off with our individual workloads. Stay tuned!


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