Check, check.

That’s like a sound check. Can anyone hear me? Some of you might be out and about getting ready for the holidays but we’re busy at work on issue four because that’s how we roll. I CANNOT believe it’s time for the fourth issue already and I cannot believe the dedication and commitment of my team, considering they don’t get paid anything. It’s all about what we love, the connections we’re making, and the people we support.

Right now I am fooling around the layout and updating photos…let me know if you like it! And if you see anything weird or off, I’m working on it…

We’ve gotten a lot of submissions and we’re about to close those down at the end of the month (if you submit after the 30th, you’ll be considered for the next issue). Thank you to all the submitters who follow our guidelines! I have decided that it’s not necessary for us to read submissions if they do not follow the guidelines. We have too much to do, people.

Okay, this was just a quick hello! Happy holidays…


Fiction Editor of Parhelion Literary Magazine. Obsessed with reading. Domestically challenged.

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