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It’s, uh, live!

Don’t miss our annual Halloween issue, Halloween 22, live now, with a note from our fearsome (er, fearless) Editor in Chief “Elizadeath” introducing 11 spectacularly spooky stories by 11 spine-tinglingly good storytellers.

We’ve got your haunted house, your handmade coffin, more than a couple new-fangled ghosts, a wolf-man, one sadistic cat, and (well, this is Richmond, VA) a raven or two. Oh my!

Read on … if you dare.

Happy Halloween, from all of us ghouls and guys at Parhelion!

photography by Leeta “Blood-Letter” Harding

I'm a fiction and CNF writer, an editor, and a blogger. I earned an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and am the associate editor of Parhelion Literary Magazine out of Richmond. Find me at my site: rebeccamoonruark.com. An Ohio native, I'm at work on a novel and short stories set in the Rust Belt, and I hype Midwestern authors at my blog, Rust Belt Girl.

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