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Updates from PLM plus a question for you

Our editorial team has been meeting and brainstorming and conceptualizing the future of this magazine. We’ve been at this for a while (five years +) and the team is ready to shake things up. It’s time.

Since we’re in the process of nailing down next steps, we are not publishing a February issue. We have already sent out a few acceptances for the February issue and we will still publish those pieces in the near future.

We are also not accepting features at the moment. A very brief moment.

As readers, submitters, contributors, and the wildly obsessed super fans that you are 🤩 please let us know if there’s anything on your wish list that you’d love to see in a lit mag. How can a lit mag meet your needs as a writer? How can we offer “more value,” as we say in marketing. Want us to fly to your city and hold a workshop? Answer questions? Give more feedback? Create a community?

Think big. Anything is possible. Leave us some comments.

Elizabeth Varel
Editor in Chief

Fiction Editor of Parhelion Literary Magazine. Obsessed with reading. Domestically challenged.

2 comments on “Updates from PLM plus a question for you

  1. Elizabeth Varel

    Thanks Lani! This is something we are thinking about.


  2. A community. There are plenty already, yes, but often they are by authors who are selling something (which is fine), or over/underwhelming FB groups, or paid-only platforms. It’s nice to get to know people. Thanks for asking!

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