Annie Woodruff


Blonde Fur Coat
Anja, 56, buys Yankee candles in bulk, hates atheist step son, has anger issues, husband owns local car dealership
Me wondering if this is ok for a linkedIn pro pic
Nude Neon
Some cuts, burns, and electric shocks later and I’m done
Cucumber Mint
Coping mechanisms
Dream Wish
It’s gorgeous outside and all I want is a smoke and Lolita-ish sunglasse
The waitress here wore quipao dresses and army boots
Thanks for pretty things
Keepin ma pimp hand strong
God's Own Junk Yard
I spy American pie

Artist’s Statement

Strangers are the most interesting people I will never know. I want that Terminator power, from the Arnold Schwarzeneggar movies—to look at someone and get a quick rundown of their issues. With instagram, I follow all these beautiful, stylish, interesting, and weird people but for the most part I don’t know anything about them, or who they really are.

I decided to create characters—personas—based on my expression and dress. Some days I look like an overworked alcoholic housewife, other days I look like that bitch who stole your best friend in high school.


Annie WoodruffAnnie Woodruff was born in Durham, North Carolina and raised in New Jersey. Medicated bipolar, four years sober, sometimes a bitch but tries hard not to be, didn’t go to college, nothing published, apathetic about life achievements.