Jennifer CoxWanton Biophilia

By Jennifer Cox

These paintings are a synthesis of psychology and biology, the result of a lifetime of fascination with the natural world filtered through my subconscious: through my emotions, experiences, thought processes and philosophical leanings. They are visual manifestations of what I feel inside my private self. At the same time they are a paean to human curiosity and the need to explore, investigate and communicate our observations.

William C. CrawfordBay City Forage

By William Crawford

Forensic foraging emphasizes the trite, trivial, and mundane. The genre downplays extensive computer intervention. Basic photography skills such as composition and framing are important. The technique also flourishes because of high color saturation and contrast. Everything I encounter is shot and then selectively presented. You have to get out and shoot a lot to succeed with this approach.

MIchael C. Paul


By Michael C. Paul

Drawing is my passion. I’m inspired by Old Master drawings, ukiyo-e prints, cartoons, manga, and children’s books. Through my drawings, I hope to show the color, the light, the beauty of the world, to escape dullness and drudgery and create something memorable.

David Robatin

Reveling in Emotionalism

By David Robatin

For Reveling in Emotionalism, I stuck pretty close to a process that focuses the viewer on the figures that represent various ideas or emotions I try to convey. I have, however, learned that my story isn’t the only one being told, and that every person brings their unique perspective to each interaction. So these pieces are designed to get you thinking about what they means to you, how they make you feel.