David Robatin

Reveling in Emotionalism

Hope SpringsFather Daughter DanceLife is just more interesting with you in itMovedSometimes it's ok to get swept awayI find myself falling all over you

Artist’s Statement

I paint, draw and write to get ideas out of my head… otherwise they rattle around up there and occupy the late hours. Not all of them are good ideas, and many of them are, in fact, terrible. But painting has always been my way of finishing a thought or placing meaning to an emotion. It’s a freeing process for me to develop an idea and see it through from inception to something that others can experience, which is the point of it all. The funny thing is, I think I have a way with words, but I have rarely been able to adequately communicate the swirling thoughts and feelings that fill up my headspace every night. Those are my emotions on the wall, they are my aspirations, my history, happiness and pain. All of it … my desire, passion, dissension and given grace…my desperation, doubts and overwhelming insecurity—just waiting to connect with you.

For Reveling in Emotionalism, I stuck pretty close to a process that focuses the viewer on the figures that represent various ideas or emotions I try to convey. I have, however, learned that my story isn’t the only one being told, and that every person brings their unique perspective to each interaction. So these pieces are designed to get you thinking about what they means to you, how they make you feel.

I stopped painting for a long time. I went through a period where nothing came out of me that had any beauty. And then I started over. I found that I had a lot to say, and it continues to unfold in the figures that I paint. Some will speak to you and some will not, but when you view them, consider what they mean to you. I believe that makes the experience more authentic.


David RobatinDavid Robatin studied communications and art at Denison University and has been painting for a long time. He uses mostly acrylics on art boards and canvas, and pushes the boundaries within his specific style. Robatin is influenced by everything from chiaroscuro to color field, from Dali to Rothko. His art is currently (July 2018) on exhibit in Richmond, Virginia at Uptown Gallery and he has upcoming exhibitions into the fall at Richmond Public Library, Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center, and UNOS. You can find out more about David Robatin and his work on his website.