Photo by John Schengber

Tomas Baiza

And Then a Wind
By Tomas Baiza

You wave your gloved hand. Like we’re friends, like we have a connection because you work with my wife. Ah, Kevin. I think you have no idea.

The Memory Jar – Olympia
By Roberta Beary

“She regards the man, remembering what her daughter had said about men who approach one in public places. “Be afraid, be very afraid.” No, that couldn’t be right. Rose is only seven. She must have heard it somewhere else.

Bruce Meyer

What Kasha Said
By Bruce Meyer

“It’s nothing,” she said. “It’s a big world we all rattle around in. I’m the product of a family that has been shaken but not stirred, as James Bond would say.” I smiled and nodded, and I could see she was happy with my response when I looked in her eyes.

Scott Morris

The Perfect Meal
By Scott Russell Morris

Five days into five weeks in the Mediterranean after a year in Kazakhstan. You and I here with friends. We four are the only people in the upper floor of a stone-front restaurant, just a little place.

Cree Pettaway

Mobile, 2018
By Cree Pettaway

If you get mama to wash your hair while her collards are boilin’ then maybe she’ll have time to heat a burner for the hot comb so your hair can sway when you twist like those pale girls at your school where they finally let coloreds in sixty years ago

D.D. Renforth

Under the Wedding Dress
By D. D. Renforth

When Richard was nine, he discovered in the basement storeroom his mother naked with a stranger under her hanging wedding gown.

Jocelyn Royalty

The Night Market
By Jocelyn Royalty

From the ground below April’s window, Bo can see a multitude of magnificently boring people. They zombie about, talking into earpieces and adjusting backpack straps. Bo imagines that he is far more interesting than these people. Maybe that’s why he prefers to stay home.

Yvette Schnoeker-Shorb

Her Name Will Be Remembered
By Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb

Really, what happened was that she was kidnapped, silenced, and transferred to a waiting hijacked plane. But nobody could be convinced that she was gone.

Kaarin Von

Christina the Astonishing
By Kaarin Von

I’m going to tell you something about myself that nobody knows (nobody, that is, except my sister Beatrice). It’s kind of nuts, and you have to promise that you won’t laugh, even though it’s nuts. I can fly. I really can.

Kevin Richard White

But it Needs to Be Real
By Kevin Richard White

Come on, she said, let’s die together.

You told her that wasn’t a very good idea and that you needed to go home.

I don’t even know your name, she said.