Ramona DeFelice Long

By Ramona Long DeFelice

A woman skilled in holistic healing uses her knowledge to help her sister, a woman trapped by an abusive husband.

“Tatting is not tattoos. Folks come to my fair booth—Tatting by Tatiana—seeking a Cupid’s heart for a love that won’t last or a Semper Fi to remind them they once wanted to be a hero. Every now and then, some disappointed joker takes a doily and flips it like a pancake, then laughs like they are the very first person to disrespect my art this way. I don’t engage. You can’t unfool a fool.”


Howie Good

by Howie Good

Good explores the tenuous threads between friends and family and the world we live in a series of short, narrative poems.

“I follow the trail of blood up the stairs to my mother’s kitchen. “These things happen,” she says with a resigned smile. My father and brothers are bigger and rougher than me, crude almost. They have knives. They also have some spades and iron rods. The cops drive by once or twice a day, but ignore the worst of what’s going on. It’s nothing they haven’t seen before.”


Erin McReynolds

Le Musée de l’Art Brut
By Erin McReynolds

Stunned by her mother’s violent murder, a woman tries to grasp the unexplainable as she walks through Collection de l’Art Brut.

The afflicted, the docent said, they are better at this than you and I. Perhaps they do not hear the other noise so much—they have more, what is it? Then she said some words in French that I did not know, could not properly repeat later for a friend, who just shook her head and said I don’t recognize this at all. Please? I asked the docent. Keep trying another way? She only repeated the phrase, this thing they had, the afflicted artists.


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