Photo by Amélie Sultan

DS Levy


By DS Levy

A teenager who longs to be accepted the Queen Bee and her circle accepts her dare to steal a pair of shoes at the mall before finally standing up for herself.

“Jyl, Suzanne, Paola and Emily went ahead to Dippin’ Dots, I hung with Allison, who was high on weed and Colt 45. I’d hoped her smooth clear skin, thick feathery eyelashes, and pouty lips that always got their way no matter what—no, matter, what—would magically rub off on me.” 

Thaddeus Rutkowski


By Thaddeus Rutkowski

A young man navigates the mysteries of college. 

“He said he was leading a poetry workshop in the photography darkroom on the ground floor of the dorm. “We meet there and write,” he said. “We don’t mind the photo chemicals. The fumes inspire us.”

Maureen SherbondyWrong House

By Maureen Sherbondy

What happens when you are born into the wrong family?

“Baby boy was named Jazzy Johnny. The musical family waited for Jazzy Johnny to display the aptitude and love for music that they all had.”