Photography by Leeta Harding

A Good Mystery
by Margot Douaihy

My apartment was on the same East Village block as Cellar Door, Lisa’s bar, and I often walked past after work. I’d usually see Lisa outside the bar, smoking, drinking red wine, and reading a murder mystery with a blanket on her lap, seemingly savoring a quiet moment before her night shift began. She’d smile as I walked by, and I’d smile back. It went this way for six months, until one day she yelled: When the hell are you going to join me? We became fast friends after that, and I quickly learned that Lisa was a killer.

Risk of Injury
by Marjorie Drake

He sits on the couch, pants slightly below his waist, showing plaid underwear when he stands, but not a lot. Not the insolent, pants half-way down the ass look. A pleasant young man. From a wealthy family. Gorgeous mother, silvery lipstick and perfect highlights, handsome father (voted “hottest Dad” by Amy’s friends.)

Angle of Repose
by Mary Grimm

Once he came to a party at your house. He was too tall to stand under the chandelier. You were thinking about a dream you had the night before, the well, the dive into blue water. There had been glowing objects at the bottom that needed to be brought out into the light.

Ronnie in the Desert
by Kyle Seibel

Ronnie in the desert with Commander Tomlin on their first day in Bahrain. Ronnie holding her belly, squinting in the sun. Commander Tomlin walking through the empty rooms of their new home saying this will be his room, my son’s room. Ronnie saying I love you Dan, but. Commander Tomlin rushing to comfort her, saying give it a chance, it’s not so bad. Ronnie turning the thermostat as low as it would go, saying okay, okay. The baby inside Ronnie. Commander Tomlin in his uniform. Ronnie in the desert.