Heather Maxwell Hall

Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver, BC
Karolina & Eric
Cape Cod Motel
Laundromat, Merritt, British Columbia

Artist’s Statement

My love of photography started when I was a kid, thanks to my painter/photographer stepmother and endlessly supportive father. I’m surrounded by family who love and create art, and who always encouraged me to explore and find my own form of creative expression. 

I also work as a writer, and I feel like photography lets me communicate things that feel nearly impossible to say with words: strange feelings, the vibes of a space, the tiniest expressions, and weird details in everyday scenes. 

I have pretty severe anxiety and realized years ago that instead of drugs and alcohol, the more fulfilling way to cope with it is taking long walks and taking pictures—it helps clear my mind and settle spinning thoughts like nothing else. It feels like both a release and a connection. 

I now live among the trees in a rural coastal town on Vancouver Island with my husband and young son. It can be isolating here but there are lots of other artists, inspiration, and outrageous natural beauty.

Heather Maxwell Hall is a Canadian writer and photographer whose work explores the whimsical and unconventional in everyday scenes.

Mostly self-taught and intuitive, she’s been published in a variety of online and print publications, such as Lula Magazine and Booooooom. She has shown her work in Vancouver at the Small Victories show, and in the UK at the Learning to Love You More group exhibition. You can see more of her images on her website and on Instagram.

She currently lives on Vancouver Island.