Amélie Sultan

I Wonder

IMG_1632HélèneDSC_0379My bedroom view, NYC
DSC_0420Me by MomDSC_0434Mom by Me

DSC_0459House of mirrors

IMG_9874Me/Mom’s Mini, Woman’s March on Washington, 2017 photos by Leeta Harding


We want a leader not a creepy tweeter

My body my choice 

Black lives matter

Tell me what America looks like!

This is what Democracy looks like!

No human is illegal

No KKK no Fascist USA no Trump!!!

No hate no fear everyone is welcome here

No racist police

We don’t want your tiny hands anywhere near our underpants!!!

Photo Collage

DSC_0662DSC_0759DSC_0867Me, Japan

DSC_0468ZoraDSC_1096 (1)Trang

Comme des garçons exhibition, nycComme des Garçons

DSC_0690DSC_1101DSC_0572Abstractions from Japan


Artist’s Statement

A few years ago, I went on a school trip to Salamanca, Spain. The architecture there was magnificent and my Spanish teacher, also a photographer, gave me some tips. I began to see how my photos of buildings and objects of everyday life could become new pieces of art or abstractions. When I got back home to New York my phone broke and I lost my photos from Spain so I decided to buy a proper SLR camera.

I go to an international high school with kids from sixty different countries and I love to take candid portraits of friends at school, in our bedrooms, or hanging out on weekends in New York city. During spring break I’ve been invited by my friend Trang from Vietnam to stay with her parents and extended family in Saigon, Da Nang and Hanoi. I’m super excited to take my camera and capture what I see.


_R5A3514-Edit-EditAmelie Sultan

To see more photos follow her on Instagram at capturedbyamelie.

Portrait of Amélie in her bedroom, NYC, 2019

by Leeta Harding