Michael C. Paul

Autumn ChapelArt NouveauSummer LakePortrait of a WomanThe Whale SharkArtist’s Statement

Drawing is my passion. I draw every day if I can. I am inspired by Old Master drawings, ukiyo-e prints, cartoons, manga, and children’s books. I think it’s wrong for a piece of paper (real or digital) to stay blank for too long, so I try to fill the pages with animals, portraits, historic figures, political cartoons, and playful scenes. Through my drawings, I hope to show the color, the light, the beauty of the world, to escape dullness and drudgery and create something memorable.


MIchael C. Paul

Michael C. Paul grew up in Missouri and Kansas and now lives in northern Virginia just outside Washington, D.C. His art has appeared in Balloons Literary Journal, Gravel, The Raven Chronicles, and others. He is a member of SCBWI. To see more of his work, check out his website and Instagram.