Michael Sweetman

Chef’s Life. One Chance, Back to Reality







Artist’s Statement

I was raised in midtown Manhattan on 48th street, Hells Kitchen during the 70s & 80s. I got interested in photography while I was in Junior High, after I won a photo essay contest that took place throughout all five boroughs.

Today, at 46, I’m a chef, and I’ve fallen back in love with photography. I’m passionate about breaking my own limits and creating visual content that connects clients and viewers to the lives, emotions, and content that I shoot. 

I like to capture moments as they happen, this allows people to see my perspective on life and humanity. I also do plenty of creative work that does not involve people. I love shooting food, using creative lighting and hunting down fun locations to shoot. I shoot content for social media and enjoy managing that aspect of clients needs.

When I look through the camera, it’s like the rest of the world is gone, and it’s just me and you. 


Michael SweetnamMike Sweetmanhas worked in culinary for 25 years, specializing in French, Italian, and Mexican cuisine. He has three children and lives in Syracuse, NY where he pursues his passion for photography. His website is in progress—visit him on Instagram at mikesweets1972.