Michelle Morouse

My Dentist is a Werewolf

I love those pinstriped scrubs, and that bespoke mask for all his hair. He howls with the drill, and we do, too. Total catharsis—who needs therapy? He’s married to my gynecologist. They volunteer at Belle Isle Park. We watch the Nature Channel while he rambles on about the moon—no golf chatter. Taylor and Bradford insist on dressing up for him. It’s Halloween in July! (no candy—beef jerky).

And…he has evening hours. We’ll never leave Dr. Lupine!


Michelle Morouse author photo for Parhelion Literary Magazine flash fiction

Michelle Morouse is a pediatrician in Detroit, Michigan. Her work has appeared recently or is forthcoming in Third Point Press, Necessary Fiction, Peregrine, and Passages North. She serves on the board of Detroit Working Writers.