Creative Nonfiction

Dylan AngellTeenage Violence

By Dylan Angell

A high school student is drawn to the new kid in his class, and steps into a world of guns, violence, and cold detachment. A frightening face-to-face look at the evil that lurks in our society today.

“Jeremy looked at me as if he wanted to see me wince, as if this was a psychological test to see how much blood and guts I could withstand, but I was curious, so I was focused as I watched. I wanted to understand Jeremy’s joy, but I was reaching too far. It was like learning another language, you can’t do it all at once.”

Kate Ladew

Helene Costello

By Kate LaDew

The story of a 1920’s starlet, her quick rise and even quicker fall, her desperation for her father’s attention, sibling rivalry with her sister, subsequent failed marriages, devastating loss of custody over her daughter, and fatal drug addiction.

“You weren’t sure what happened and how it happened without you noticing, when, just a moment before, you lived in rooms filled with drinks and lights and all the glittering things. And then you didn’t.”

Iris Oullette

Finding Oscar Wilde

By Iris Oullette

An American tourist in Paris escaping her past comes to terms with it when she meets a Bosnian woman in the Pere Lachaise cemetery.

“Finally, we saw it: a giant monument covered in lipstick kisses. Oscar Wilde. I took the notebook and pen from my purse and quickly scribbled out a tribute in my favorite language.

 ‘Wilde, donnez-moi le courage d’etre ecrivaine, poete, humaine. Toujours l’amour. Xo'”

Bill Vernon

On the Way to Disneyland

By Bill Vernon

An inside view of life in the Marines, of bootcamp, of an impossible march through the Mojave desert. The juxtaposition of the glitter of Hollywood and grueling hard work, sheer exhaustion, of what is real and unreal—a shining mirage in the heat.

 “When a conductor came for our tickets, I asked if he’d heard about Marines marching 150 miles from the Mojave to the ocean in 5 days. Yeah, it was on the TV news, he said, but he didn’t believe it. That was a whole lot of miles. The Marines were all the time saying things to make themselves look good. I showed him the story and its picture. No sir, he said, he still didn’t believe it. That picture could come from anywhere. Who knows who those men are or how far they walked?”