Winter 2022

Issue #13

Photography by Leeta Harding
—All photos in this issue taken on Leeta’s Christmas holiday in Paris

Welcome to our Winter 2022 issue. We’re excited to share some very talented and entertaining writers with you. As always, thank you to our readers, our submitters, and our contributors for your continued support.

Parhelion is four years old now! 🎉

A few notes:

Submittable changed some things recently and I’ve noticed that submissions we’ve read are showing up as “New.” And other submissions we’ve read show up as “In Progress.” Just know that we’ve read everything! I contacted them today to find out how to fix this problem. I am also looking at Duotrope’s submission platform. Stay tuned…

Last year I updated our calendar to publishing three times a year, and I think I already mentioned this, but I changed the months because there is just no way we can put out an issue in January on the heels of the fall/winter holiday season. The new schedule is: Winter (February), Summer (July), and Halloween (October).

We are open for Summer submissions now and will open for Halloween submissions in April.


Becky Tuch of Lit Mag News Roundup is interviewing me (Elizabeth) about Parhelion at 11 a.m on March 15. She takes questions from the audience, so if you want to ask me a question about the magazine, check it out! You’ll need to register—you do not have to be a paying subscriber to watch the editor interviews. If you miss it, Becky records the interviews and makes them available to everyone later.

Our features editor and my right hand woman Rebecca was interviewed about Parhelion for the new bookIn Conversation with Literary Journals – Tailored Advice from Literary Professionals.” It’s available on April 29, 2022. Rebecca’s work also recently appeared in Vita Poetica.

Going to AWP? Rebecca will be there as well, and she’s representing Parhelion at a table with our friends from Feels Blind Literary. Stop by and see her! And say hi to Lindsay from Feels Blind too.

Our poetry guru Darren has new work out in the Roanoke Review and Blue Mountain. He has work forthcoming in the Raleigh Review.

Leeta, who so generously shares her photography with us and helps this magazine look both professional and gorgeous, has a book deal to publish a book of her photography. Can’t wait to share that with you one day.

I know I already said this, but thank you again to everyone for making Parhelion possible—our readers, submitters, contributors, and the PLM team.

Without further ado, I give you issue lucky number 13.

Elizabeth Varel
Editor in Chief