Spring 2021

Photography by Leeta Harding

Welcome to the Spring 2021 Issue! It’s hard to believe we are moving into summer; the days are passing by too quickly. Cheers to warm weather, sunshine and beaches, and to delicious new stories and poems to devour poolside. You will love this issue—it’s full of bold and surprising work—get ready to bookmark your favorites.

Here’s some PLM news: moving forward, we’re going to publish a winter issue (January) and a summer issue (June) and the shorter (but so fun) Halloween issue in October. That means we are currently open to Winter 2022 submissions and to Halloween 2021 submissions—this early start will allow us to get our issues out on time. 

To our Spring 2021 contributors, many thanks! It’s an honor to publish your work and to get you out there in front of readers. 

Thank you to the PLM team—Darren Morris, Rebecca Moon Ruark, S.L. Brown, and Leeta Harding. You guys do so much work and you’re a great support system. 

Many thanks to our interns, Amina Adeyola, Katrin Brinkman, and Patience Wallace. You each add a layer of insight to the work we do, you give us a different way of looking at things, and we heart you. Thank you for sharing your time with us. 

And (drum roll please) CONGRATULATIONS to Patience Wallace on her upcoming graduation!!!! We’re so proud of you, you’re going to do great things! I’m pretty sure you could run a literary magazine on your own—you know what you’re doing and you’re super smart. Keep writing and keep reading and go after what you want. We support you!

Now, time to dive into the Spring 2021 issue. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Varel
Editor in Chief

Spring 2021 Contributors