Photo by Leeta Harding

Parhelion Literary Magazine, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, presents bold literature for bold readers. We seek gifted and skillful writing, writing that is fearless and loud. Parhelion champions all writers, but it’s our passion to discover promising & bright new voices out there, like stars sparkling in the vast, unknowable universe, waiting to catch your eye—a streak of shimmering light across the night sky.

Meet us where language is sometimes enough, but meaning-making is even better. Where traditional meets unconventional and profane meets good. Where story erupts in your truth—or, better yet, a universal truth. Where the American South meets the world. And where, in the far-flung sky of your creative mind, basic elements like light and ice illuminate our view.

Give us your mock sun, your parhelion in words. It’s the closest we’re going to get to that big star in the sky.