Current Issue

Photo by Anna Eastman

July 2019

It’s summer, y’all, and we’ve been soaking up the sun in the RVA (that’s local slang for Richmond, VA). It’s been a whirlwind of crystal blue swimming pools and Carolina beaches and resorts in Mexico. We are living large here at Parhelion.

But at the same time, we’ve been working hard to get this issue published, and let me tell you, it is SO WORTH IT. I hope you’re craving some reading material, because we’ve got just the right balance of intellectual stimulation, fun, and good old fashioned storytelling to entertain you. 

In this issue’s fiction, family is the word. Husbands and wives, mothers and sons, parents and siblings—our writers explore the deep and tenuous connections that are most important to us, and at times, most difficult. 

Flash is a wildcard, with insta-stories addressing everything from revenge to flying. Really flying. Like Superman.

Nonfiction dives into identity. Whether that means who your parents are or your race or what region of the country you live in (we’re looking at you, South) the focus is the origin of who we are and what our place is in our community, and breaking out of that concept to embrace a larger reality.

Poetry confronts the grittiness of life with image-driven originality, elements of surrealism, and the conceit of existentialism. Seriously, check these fearless poets out.

Photography, like nonfiction, covers the expanse of identity, of pinpointing what it is we are driven to do, are passionate about, and want to capture. You’ll find the bold and bright, the fresh and the captivating, the old and the new. These images offer us multiple views of the world we live in and challenge us to rethink what we see.

We hope this issue knocks your socks off. If you read things or see things you love, please help us out by sharing on social media. Tell your writer and photographer friends about us. Spread the word about Parhelion. We appreciate it!

As we move toward fall we’ll keep publishing new Features, so follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. We’re currently open to submissions for Features and for the next issue. And—drumroll please—we have a THEME for October! We’re going dark for the spooky season.

Because we’re all suckers for Halloween here at PLM. We love it. We look forward to reading your submissions, once we take a little break from wrapping this one up, spend some more time floating in the pool, consume more margaritas, and maybe take a nap. Cheers!

Have a great summer.

Elizabeth Varel